Beautiful Idaho

I foresee myself coming back to Idaho. Not only because I have family there, but also because I was stunned by the beauty that I found myself being surrounded by on many occasions. While here, I visited with family, camped, went to hot springs, explored, learned and meet wonderful people. I even crossed paths with a friend who I met while in California a few months back! An experience like this has a profound effect to say the least. We met at Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve. There we camped, shared experiences, and explored the remarkable landscape together.

My time in this state was short, but during my stay the experience and beauty and serenity of nature allowed me to ponder many thoughts that lay in my mind. I felt privileged to experience Idaho during the blooming spring season. Watching and feeling the energy while in nature allows one to appreciate the beauty of life. Snow melting, rushing rivers, wildlife scurrying for food, plants and flowers blooming, birds singing, bees buzzing… these are the things that I feel in love with…You realize that everything is connected and part of an intricate system. One relies on another yet there is a sense of uniformity. Life like this has been going on since the beginning of time it seems. We, humans are part of this system as well… my hope is that we may realize, appreciate, and understand the importance of not disturbing any earth system – big or small. Especially since all things are connected.

Kirkham Hot Springs
Scenic Overlook
Lost River Range
Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve

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