Exploring parts of Nanning while cruising an electric bike

There are many ways of seeing the sights and exploring the city. Getting around Nanning is fairly easy. You have options that is for sure…
The most convenient is using the metro. The entire system is fairly new, safe, clean, efficient and affordable. When I was there in 2017, there were two lines that went through the main parts of the city. Pick a stop and see what you will find. There is always something to discover if your a foreigner.
Other options are using a taxi, shared bicycles (using mobike, offo and other apps), jumping on the local bus or even on the back of an electric bike taxi. However, the simplest choice of transportation to get around with is an electric scooter. If you plan on living there, its worthwhile to purchase your very own. Prices start at around $350usd.
If you think an electric bike is nothing more then a toy, that assumption is wrong. Even the low end styles can cruise around 30mph. This is not that fast, but trust me, in a city among millions of electric bikes drivers, you don’t need to go any faster then this speed.
The main road infrastructure is suitable for both motorists. Vehicles have their own lanes (and lights) and the bikes have theirs. This makes commuting more efficient and generally, a bit safer.
The luxury of owning an electric bike is that you are free to explore every street, ally or neighborhood easily. Feel free to get lost! Just make sure you have a fully charged battery before taking off.
Here are a couple of photos of cool sights while out and about on the streets of this growing city.


Hongqi 60V Electric bike


Hard to tell, but there are fish in these plastic bags filled with water…presumably on the way to market


A butchered hog on the way to market…



Its hard to tell but this is a Lamborgini in a rundown neighborhood. The contrast looked cool…


8 thoughts on “Exploring parts of Nanning while cruising an electric bike

    • I always enjoy going back to your previous blogs. Many times during cell phone communication, the sounds of traffic in the background can be a reminder to appreciate living in a small, quiet town. I’m looking forward to seeing photos and reading blogs of your travels in Mexico. Love you and God bless you son!

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      • O yeah city life can be hectic at times. The quietness of a small town is always nice and peaceful, especially when I’m arriving back home from travelling👌. I took a ton of photos today in San Miguel de Allende. I’ll be posting sooner rather then later…love ya too


  1. So you purchased your own electric bike? How long were you living in Nannning? If you purchased, how do you then dispose of it when you leave? Where did you live? Will you tell more details in your book? Loved the photos of children in these photos.


    • I do leave alot of ‘open’ ended descriptions on short blog posts (Its intentional) haha
      yes, i had an electric bike. Lived in Nanning for 10 months in total. I sold the bike back to the dealership. I lived in a high rise apartment walking distance from the underground metro station. Not sure about what ill be including in my future writings. If i write a book based on my experiences in China, I’ll def. include some more details. I have many details to write about that is for sure.
      Thanks for your comments Lillian!


  2. Hi there, I have a friend wanting to buy a Neu electric scooter in Nanning and ride it over to Hanoi. Could you link me to a shop with a website in Nanning that sells Neu scooters please? Does one exist? Or maybe I phone number?


    • Thanks for reading my post.
      The Neu e-bikes are very nice and streamline however it will be kind of tough to drive to Hanoi…driving their would require that your friend stick to back roads which will be tough for many reasons…the main issue is battery chargers and wear and tear on the new bike…not saying it’s impossible but it may take a few uncomfortable days of travel.
      The best option would probably be to contact a Neu e-bike dealer in Hanoi…
      Unfortunately, I don’t have a direct contact with any of these dealership…
      The neighborhood northwest of “Nanning shi ren min gong yuan park” has a ton of e-bike dealerships. That would be a good starting point to look…there are a handful of these neighborhoods where there are clusters of dealerships as well as random Neu dealerships scattered around the city…
      Hope this helps. Best of luck with everything. Another tip-you can negotiate the price a little. I would recommend going with a Chinese friend👍


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