Laying Low in Monterey Bay area

It has been a long time since the last post. Much has transpired since… Where do I begin?! During the last post, I was in Roswell, NM at a wonderful Helpx hosts’ house. While there for about three weeks, I met great people that were also helpxing and couchsurfing in addition to connecting with the local community. Here is a brief rundown of what transpired up until this point in time:
-CS’ed in Las Cruces, NM; Portal, AZ; Tucson, AZ
-Helpxed at Gold Bar Ranch in Kirkland, AZ
-Spent time with family for the holidays in Yuma, AZ; Spring Valley, CA and Oxnard, CA
-Helpxed at Harmony Hill in Exeter, CA and Rocking 7 Ranch in Priest Valley, CA
-Spent alot of time in Three Rivers, Big Sur, and Salinas, CA
During these past 2-3 months, my memory has been filled with wonderful times and have met amazing people from different states and countries. I have done many activities ranging from exploring caves (at Carlsbad Caverns New Mexico), riding horses, participating in a cattle roundup, hiking beautiful rugged terrain, attending and participating in drum circles around a bonfire, exploring nature, spending a few nights at a monastery overlooking the Pacific Ocean, camping in cold weather, to name a few activities. I will be here for a few more days then I am headed off to San Fransisco. Here are a few photos from my travels:

After the snow passed in Roswell, NM
Near Three Rivers, CA
Beautiful creatures
 While the sun was coming down I felt uplifted as I overlooked the towns of Visalia and Exeter, CA
Beautiful Pacific Ocean near Big Sur, CA

3 thoughts on “Laying Low in Monterey Bay area

  1. The Pacific Ocean seems to blend into the blue sky. These posts and your writings deserve to be revisited time and time again. Helpxing and couchsurfing are great ways to meet other great people. It’s a “win win” situation. Stay blessed, safe, and prosperous! Love, your Mom


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