Passing through Oregon

Oregon is a beautiful state. I am sad to admit that I didn’t get to explore as much as I should have. I only explored parts of southern Oregon; Crater Lake National Park being the furthest north that I ventured to :/ But let me tell you, these parts of Oregon were BEAUTIFUL and definitely enough to convince me to come visit again. Bend, OR is in my radar for my next visit to the state.

Anyhow, back to my experience… I set up camp near a beautiful lake in the southern part of Umpqua National Forest and had a good experience while there. This was the first time camping near a mountain with snow on it accompanied by a beautiful lake at the base which was pleasing to wake up to. Meeting and hanging out with a guy going through a midlife crisis while there allowed me to gain a different perspective on a few things in life. A unique experience indeed. Crater Lake National Park was amazing. The drive to and from the park made me feel as if I had transported to a different country – lush landscapes, snow capped mountains, flowing creeks from the snow melting above and all the animals full of life and energy from the warming up spring season. I was indeed happy and didn’t want to leave the beauty I was surrounded by. Nothing else mattered in these moments…

 California/Oregon state line
 My view at southern Umpqua National Forest
 Near my campsite
 Crater Lake National Park
 Watch out!
 Amazing scenery

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