Short time in Colorado

The time in this state was shorter than I would like to admit. Crossing through the four corners of UT, AZ, NM and CO wasn’t what I expected but a good experience nonetheless. I camped in San Juan National Forest and received a dose of the beauty that Colorado has to offer. I enjoyed witnessing the transition of the bare rock formations beginning to have grass and trees growing on them to eventual forest land as I made my way further into the state. My campsite was serene and lush with a nice river flowing near by 🙂 For some reason unknown, I didn’t take pictures… shucks

The next morning, I went to Mesa Verda National Park and enjoyed a guided tour of the largest cliff dwelling in North America. Cliff Palace was built by the ancient Pueblo Indians and is one of many ancient dwelling areas that the National Park has to offer. After this nice morning and afternoon, I then decided to spend the rest of my day and following morning in Durango before heading to New Mexico.

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