Arriving in Southeast Asia


After being in the air for over 24 hours, hearing the pilot announce the ETA and current weather conditions at Changi Airport over the PA was a relief. Gazing out the window to greet the rays from the early morning Southeast Asia sunrise; below, there were hundreds of ships and freight-liners surrounding the island in the motionless blue sea. Seemingly not moving, they were either waiting to dock and unload or taking off back to sea again toward the next port city.

This being the first time ever traveling to the other side of the world, my entire body and brain were extremely fatigued. This is what happens when precautions aren’t taken prior to traveling such a distance – the proper amount of sleep (prior and during flight), avoiding caffeine and making sure to drink plenty of water, proper nutrition… you know; the things one would read in a book… How would I be able to figure out how to unlock my phone, find an international sim card, transportation to my airbnb room, how to order food, get the correct currency – what was it again anyways?…that’s right the Singapore dollar…what was the conversion again? Would my new Charles Schwab bank card indeed work and also waive the foreign transaction as well as the ATM fees? The language barrier?! The tasks that lay ahead seemed overbearing for a jet lagged mind. At least I managed to time travel forward in time…by 14 hours