Utah Beauty

This beautiful state was unique and one of a kind. I enjoyed every single day of my few weeks spent here. My first weekend was filled with entertainment and good food at the 2014 Living Traditions Festival in Salt Lake City. I stayed in Hostels in Salt Lake City and later in Moab. Camping in Dixie National Forest in the southern part while driving through the All American Highway 12 was a delight. Experiencing different climates due to elevation was the only issue while riding my motorcycle and also camping (since my sleeping bag zipper decided to break) The scenery and solitude made up for this temporary discomfort though.

I visited Zion, Bryce, Capital Reef and Arches National Parks while in southern Utah. Breath taking scenery, friendly tourist from around the globe, informative rangers and very very NICE hikes! I also visited a number of petroglyph sites and National Monuments. I have to mention that the locals in the town of Boulder were very friendly and genuine folk. I enjoyed chatting with locals at the town coffee shop. I definitely will stop there again next time I am in the area. This town is situated right off of highway 12 about 20 minutes north of Escalante. I recommend taking the Burr Trail route – it eventually leads to a road that is parallel to Capital Reef National Park. The beauty of this trail will blow your mind! Being in awe due to unique geologic structures, rock formations, mountains as a backdrop at times, twisty, windy roads (unpaved at times) and changes in elevations proved to be the ultimate experience as well as my highlight of Utah. It felt like I was on a different planet while cruising through right at day break as the sun was coming up on the Horizon. Nothing else mattered but taking in my surroundings and enjoying the peace here in the middle of nowhere in south central Utah. I highly recommend that everyone visit Utah at least once in their lifetime! I haven’t even scratched the surface of what this landscape has to offer – I shall be back;) Enjoy these pics

Parowan Gap Petroglyphs
Zion Natl. Park
Tunnel in Zion Natl. Park
Hwy 12
Bryce Natl. Park
Burr Trail
Burr Trail
Burr Trail
Camp in the middle of nowhere
Cruising with the sunrise
Notom-Bullfrog Rd.
Petroglyphs at Capital Reef Natl. Park
Looking down while hiking
The effect of erosion
Hiking in Capital Reef Natl. Park
If you look closely you can see me
Amazing gorge off of Burr Trail
Arches Natl. Park

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