My experience in Northern California

It has definitely been a LONG time since I sat down and created another post. Due to lack of internet connection, time or simply because I am enjoying the hell out of life and didn’t want to sit in front of a computer – I haven’t been able to post:)
pheww, where to begin… Upon leaving my good friends’ house in Berkeley, I then spent two wonderful weeks at another Helpx location in Ukiah, CA. As always, I was able to meet great folks and enjoyed the stay very much. I then camped in Mendocino National Forest (a very wet week). There, I was able to learn ALOT from a Vietnam Veteran who was also camping in the area. Concepts about diet, life, politics, government, corruption, art, books, food, the future and pretty much everything in between made this very wet week a delight. The next two weeks were spent in Arcata, CA at yet another great Helpx stay. There, I also met great people and learned about gardening, good food, music, earth, growing systems and great living.

After two weeks, the next days were spent camping and welcoming the spring season. Camping among the redwood giants near full flowing creeks surrounded by the blooming flowers and trees was serene and peaceful. I could not think of another place where I wanted to be in time or space.

Nearly four months of my life were spent experiencing the beauty and uniqueness the great state of California had to offer. Many great people shared knowledge and good times with me. For this I am truly thankful. Spending time in nature was sublime and had a healing effect on my mind, body and soul. I foresee myself visiting this wonderful state once again later in life.

Chinatown in San Francisco, CA
 Standing amongst the giants
 Pacific coast
 The coast of Mendocino County
 Watching the sunset while at the mountain tops near Ukiah, CA
 Mendocino, CA Coastline
 Enjoying the sight, smell and sound of waves crashing the rocky coastline of Mendocino, CA
 Had to pass through the famous tree of course
 Kayaking in Arcata Bay, CA
 Enjoying the serenity of a flowing creek
 Blue river water in Northern Cali
 Avenue of the giants

2 thoughts on “My experience in Northern California

  1. Even though these pictures and travel experiences happened a few years ago, it is great to think about the beauty of God’s creation in places we get to see as a result of your sight seeing in person. Stay blessed son!

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    • Thanks for the comment mom. Yeah, Northern California is a special place. Some places seem magical when experienced in person. Especially the red woods and coastlines


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