Western United States

In 2013 and 2014, I embarked on a personal quest toward the western coast followed by an adventure through a few western states. The choice of transportation was a 2004 Yamaha Vstar 650. The goal was to disconnect from everyday life and reconnect with nature and good people. Much of the trip was unplanned and that is the way I wanted it. Only the general route towards the west coast was known. The other destinations…well that would be figured out later; my intuition would make the decisions.

In the following blogs, you can follow the route and general occurrences. There is no way to include every single bit of the experience although that would be great. Maybe one day I will hire a film crew to capture every moment of whatever future adventure I get into haha. The task of simply remembering to take pictures was even a challenge since I was always ‘caught up’ in the moment. Nonetheless, the following postings contain what I was able to capture along with a short and sweet update of the respective location(s). Hope you enjoy