Made it to Roswell, NM

made it to my helpx destination here in Roswell, NM. This is Day 11 (I suppose one day I’ll stop counting). So far I couchsurfed 2 nights in Galveston, camped 1 night in Cuero, couchsurfed 2 nights in San Antonio with separate hosts, camped two nights at Amistad Recreation Area (not to far from Del Rio), camped in Marfa (and witnessed the not so known ‘mystery lights’) and have stayed here in Roswell for the past two days.
I have met nice people along the way and experienced a sticky situation during my second night couchsurfing in San Antonio. Camping for two days in Amistad Recreation Area was beautiful and peaceful; which allowed me to adapt to my temporary new way of life. Being able to witness Marfa’s mysterious lights was weird and definitely a once in a lifetime experience. Unfortunately, since they occur at night and at a distance, there was no way of getting a good picture or video. I had to use binoculars to see them well. Anyways, we are not doing anything today and what seems like the rest of the weekend due to cold weather conditions. Here are a few pictures of my travels…

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