Beginning days

I have begun my long planned journey to the west coast and through the Western United States on a motorcycle. The main purpose of this trip is too gain personal enlightenment through experiences and adventures. I have read that through travels, one can gain great gratification, peace and renewal of your mind, body and spirit. In order to get to this point one must get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

 Taking off from Lafayette, Louisiana yesterday morning and making a stop in Galveston, TX for the night, I am well rested. Although, it is slightly difficult to adjust to travel mode. This may or may not make sense. To sum it up – I am trying to stop thinking about the things that I left behind to go on a personal quest. These thoughts mixed with going into the unknown and not knowing what lies ahead are present. The general plan is to ‘rough’ it most of the way. I have a tent, sleeping bag, and random items needed to camp. To minimize weight, I have packed the ‘essentials’. This is blind faith at its best for me.
To make things interesting, I plan on utilizing a few recently learned “tools” to get me along the way. Particularly: couchsurfing and I want to prove to myself and anyone else who may be interested – that, it doesn’t take much money to travel. So, here we go – let’s see what Day 2 has to offer. Trying to prepare for the unknowns that lie ahead of me while couchsurfing here in Galveston island. But how can you prepare for something not known?! The best choice is to relax. Cheers!

3 thoughts on “Beginning days

  1. Conocer, no solo lugares, sino a la gente que va cruzando por tu camino, cada una de estas personas, son también un gran viaje.
    Buen inicio de incertidumbre y espectativas!


    • ¡Gracias por tu comentario! Estás en lo correcto. Veo que empezaste al principio de mis publicaciones … espero que disfrutes leyéndolos.


  2. Son, you are right about “blind Faith.” I thank Almighty God He protected during your travels. Getting away from the “hustle and bustle” of daily routines helps clear the mind, and appreciate the beauty in nature that exists around us.Thank you for proving that with careful money management, and planning, a trip does not have to be so expensive.God bless you, keep you safe, healthy, and prosperous. Love, your Mom


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