New Mexico

I passed through this state on my way to the west coast back in November and did a help exchange in Roswell. My host made additions to her farm since I first left, so I felt obliged to make a second stop there. Before getting there, I visited the Aztec Ruins National Monument in Aztec, NM. It was not what I expected but I enjoyed it nonetheless. From there I spent nearly a week in Santa Fe at a unique hostel. There, I met many amazing people who where traveling as well. Each had a different goal and perspective. I’ll never forget the cool fellas from Switzerland Dorrti Fruits . Cruising down the historic Old Santa Fe trail was nice. The city is one of a kind and I would definitely go back some day. I enjoyed sight seeing, listening to many live bands, artists, experienced different cuisine at the local farmers markets, sampled the local beer,  and above all enjoyed the people that I came across.

Leaving there I went south on hwy 285 in 100 degree weather. Being back in Roswell, I enjoyed seeing the many changes that took place on the farm. My host took me and another fellow Helpex volunteer from England out to dinner, a festival and to enjoy a local artist. Next morning, I set off through west Texas to visit with family.

Aztec Ruins Natl. Monument
Santa Fe trail
The Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi in Santa Fe

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