Exploring Northwest Nevada

My journey took me to the wide open and somewhat desolate land of Northwest Nevada. Camping there for two weeks was just what the doctor prescribed. I stumbled across a gem of a camping area. Hot spring, hot shower, wildlife, ponds, beautiful rock formations, big gorge and friendly fellow campers. I meet a few couples that were very kind and genuine. Many of suppers were enjoyed while visiting in their campers. One couple even took me along to go prospecting for gold. I explored as much as I could in between meditation, dips in the hot spring and visits with retired folk.

During one of the days there, I ventured out to Winnemucca, NV to replace my severely damaged rear tire. The weather in this state is somewhat similar to Louisiana, if you don’t like it, just wait a while then it will change once again. During my travel to the Yamaha dealership (~100+ miles one way), the temperature dipped down to the mid-low 30’s. Halfway there the rain/sleet/ice began. Half frozen, tense and damp, I arrived to my destination safely and thankful to have made it in one piece. This makes one gain alot more respect/pleasure for being in a warm and dry environment!
Anyways, I actually had the choice of not one but two hot springs. The second one being a one of a kind “creek” HOT spring where clothing was optional. This is the only hot spring that I have been to that was a little unbearable after 10 minutes. Nonetheless, I enjoyed this experience. My time was short and sweet in this unique state. Maybe next time I visit Nevada, it shall be the southern part – sin city I’m thinking 😉

 Oregon/Nevada state line
 Not too far from camp
 Wide open Nevada
Unique textile shaped rock formation a few miles from camp
 From melted snow
 Snow topped mountains and the bike that got me here
 HOT spring
My friendly burro at Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge

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